Devin True was born in 1975 in Washington State, five years before Mount St. Helens erupted covering the region in ash. Perhaps this memory was the beginning of his relationship to the land. Vast panoramas of snow covered mountains and lush forests reflected in lakes were places for him to explore.

True’s interest in visual art paralleled his passion for playing guitar as a teen. While still in high school he began his first business venture as a concert and event promoter.  Influenced partially by album art of that era, Devin used found imagery and hand drawn text to create posters for concerts. The combination of his creative pursuits led him to study photography, graphic design and music production at The Evergreen State College in the mid 90’s. In the following years, Devin’s music and event production business expanded throughout the Pacific Northwest area.

In 2001, True moved to Los Angeles for warmer weather and new opportunities as an entrepreneur. Adventurous and eager to learn new things, Devin has traveled extensively over the years, totaling 17 countries and 49 states.  The countries he enjoyed the most were India, Nepal, Brazil and Thailand.  During his time abroad he was able to deepen his spirituality while experiencing the art, architecture, philosophy and rich history of the regions. 

Creativity has been a meditative practice for True while healing from a lifelong battle with Lyme Disease. Devin approaches his artwork and photography in a similar way to how he makes music: focused, free flowing and being in the moment. 

Themes he continually explores are natural patterns in landscapes, vibrant colors with textures on old buildings, rolling hills and interesting forms. Devin finds inspiration in the diverse landscapes of the Western United States ranging from white sandy deserts to windy coastlines where bent trees live. In his spare time, he plays guitar and takes day trips with his camera throughout Southern California. Currently, True is working on a collection of minimalistic landscapes showing the peaceful relationship of humans in nature.


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